ALITE, professionals
at your service
to revolutionize your business with Photonics

Two divisions,Laser and Sensing, working on Industrial and Environmental applications of Photonics, but a single passion for innovative solutions capable of combining disruptive technological approaches with sustainability.

The particular focus of each division allows ALITE to work side-by-side with customers to provide them with optimized solutions for their peculiar applications.

We are pioneering
game-changing technologies

IDEA - Indigo Disruptive
Emerging Applications

Innovation in industrial processes:

  • Custom high-power laser sources
  • Custom high-power laser beam managing devices
  • Development of laser materials processing solutions using blue and NIR sources

Fis - Fiber sensing

 Smart monitoring solutions:

  • Fiber optic sensors for industrial plant, environment and infrastructure monitoring
  • Fiber Bragg Gratings for sensing and high power solutions

Applied LIghtwave TEchnologies
for green manufacturing, environmental
monitoring, and health care

Our Mission

Exploit the power of light to accelerate a sustainable growth and enable a safer world.

Our Vision

Help making the world a better place through new technologies.