ALITE is a young and dynamic Italian company located in Turin, the birthplace of Italian Photonics and today the heart of an industrial Photonics district.

ALITE has been founded in 2020, but it inherits over 50 years of know-how of the funders and the experience in fields of photonics and of the environmental monitoring of previous companies.

ALITE is organized in two divisions, IDEA and I4SE, which are focused on developing high power laser sources (mainly for the industrial sector) and new monitoring systems (mainly for environmental sectors), respectively.

ALITE/IDEA is the right partner if you need a custom laser source, a laser beam management device, or if you plan to introduce a laser processing solution in your production workflow.

  • Custom laser sources and beam shaping devices.
  • New solutions for the environmental friendlier processing of “difficult to laser process” materials (paper and cardboard, copper and gold, some polymers) and for the direct marking of textiles and fruits and vegetables.
ALITE/I4SE is your provider of innovative optical monitoring solutions for civil, mechanical, environmental, and biomedical sensing.

  • Artificial intelligence empowered fiber optic sensing system for complex monitoring system of deformations, vibrations and temperatures.
  • Enhanced fiber optic based water quality monitoring and sanification systems.