Fiber optic sensors represent the most advanced frontier in the field of distributed sensing.
Alite’s strength lies in the creation of a complete monitoring system, from the design of the sensors, tailored on the  specific problem in exam, to the acquisition and processing of data, for a simple and immediate user experience.

Alite offers fiber optic sensors for temperature, strain, pressure and vibrations monitoring. By controlling the entire production chain, we develop custom sensors, specific for the application of interest.
In addition to sensors, Alite also offers services for data acquisition, storage and processing.

Industrial manufacturing processes

Fiber optic temperature sensing system for the optimization of industrial processes

Condition-based monitoring

Network of fiber optic vibrometers
for condition-based maintenance of rails


Hydro-geological monitoring

Fiber optic vibration sensors for the
early detection of geological phenomena

Custom Solutions

Interrogation units

Products & Services


Alite’s FOS4EM is a family of sensors that exploit the Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) technology to measure strain, deformations, acceleration and temperature with high precision and reliability.

Leveraging on the flexible Alite’s manufacturing capabilities, FOS4EM sensor characteristics (e.g., sensitivity, number of sensing points, etc.) can be fully customized to better suit specific requirements.

Besides for two accelerometers, FOS4EM-W and FOS4EM-C, and one temperature sensor, FOS4EM-T, the FOS4EM sensor family currently includes ConBo, a connection box specific to connect these sensors to a multi-fiber backbone, and ElBo, electronic boards that allow automatically storing the measurement data into a database for visualization through custom dashboards.

All FOS4EM sensors are optionally available in an all-plastic version for special applications that require the use of non-metallic devices.


Accelerometer FOS4EM-W-F up to three orthogonal directions frequency range
1000 Hz
20 pm/g
FOS4EM-W-S up to three orthogonal directions frequency range
100 Hz
300 pm/g
FOS4EM-C high sensitivity at low frequency frequency range
10 Hz
600 pm/g
Temperature FOS4EM-T multi-point temperature sensor number of sensing points: up to 25 sensitivity
10 pm/°C


Leveraging on the full control of the FBG based sensor manufacturing process — from the FBG inscription in bare optical fibers to the design of the housing and the choice of materials —, Alite can provide completely customized fiber optic sensor tailored to satisfy the needs and request of specific applications.

In addition to packaged sensors, Alite provides bare fiber sensors (BFS). Besides for already mentioned advantages of the other fiber optic sensors, BFS are characterized by the smallest in class footprint, extremely high flexibility and high temperature tolerance, making them ideal for integration into structures made of composite or additive materials.

Just as packaged sensors, a plurality of BFS can be multiplexed along a single optical fiber enabling a quasi-distributed, non-invasive mechanical and thermal monitoring; alternatively, for application requiring completely independent sensing points, the signal from tens of BFS can be simultaneously acquired exploiting Alite’s ConBo and ElBo stations.


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