High quality FBGs, inscribable in any kind of optical fiber with customizable wavelengths for all of your special needs

Fiber Bragg gratings enable new monitoring and sensing possibilities for a wide range of industrial, environmental and medical applications.

The high quality of our fabrication process makes our products suited also for high power applications (HPLD stabilization, fiber laser, mirrors…).

Alite offers excellent flexibility in the manufacturing of cost-effective custom products and is committed to provide excellent customer service with reduced lead times.

How does it work

The Bragg grating works as a narrowband filter: when light is introduced into the optical fiber, the FBG reflects only the Bragg wavelength. The remaining light is transmitted without loss along the fiber path.

The reflected wavelength can be controlled by adjusting the period of the grating during fabrication.

The reflected light is then directed to an interrogator, which measures the intensity of the light at different wavelengths. By analyzing the intensity spectrum, the reflected wavelength can be determined, providing information about the physical parameter being sensed, offering a reliable and precise sensing.


Femtosecond FBGs

Alite’s FBGs are directly written with a Femtosecond Laser which is an effective alternative to overcome the limits of common processes.

The ultra-short pulses emitted by the laser are focused in the core of the fiber which is opportunely moved by an high precise controller ensuring tens of nanometer as resolution to create the desired grating pitch.

Thanks to the system flexibility all the grating parameters can be easily customized offering:


Array of FBGs along the same fiber

Fast writing of FBGs with the desired wavelength

FBGs with desired gauge length

FBGs with custom profile