Photonics, one of the key technologies underpinning “Industry 4.0”, the fourth industrial revolution, allows you to manufacture greener and higher quality products, and in a more efficient way.

ALITE/IDEA can help you to make the most out of the revolution in manufacturing brought by Photonics:

  • we can design and assemble laser sources specifically for your application;
  • we can develop custom optical devices, from kW-range beam management tools, to micro-optics, working with you throughout the entire product life cycle;
  • we can support you in introducing laser machines in your production cycle through a dedicated application lab: by the way, have you heard of the revolution brought by the new blue laser sources?

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There are so many laser systems available as off-the-shelf products, why do I need a custom laser source?

You are right, for most of the applications, off-the-shelf laser sources perfectly fit all the needs; although it is likely that, in the end, they too need a personalization to achieve optimized results, at least for what concerns the beam delivery system.

But, what about a laser emitting a specific wavelength withing a given tunability range for scientific research? Or a multi-wavelength laser for biomedical applications? Or a high-brightness blue laser for marking of textiles or food? These are just some examples of cases in which ALITE/IDEA can help you by developing medium/high-power diode or fiber laser sources with characteristics (wavelength, tunability, beam delivery system, etc.) specific for your very unique application.



ALITE/IDEA can develop special optical systems, from kW-range beam management tools (e.g., couplers and switches) to micro-optical devices that make use of LED or diode laser sources. 

Some application examples: complex LED illumination systems, laser beam expanders, laser beam combining systems, micro-optical devices to collimate, focalize, or wavelength stabilize the beams from semiconductor diode lasers.



The question is not whether you can revolutionize your manufacturing approach thanks to laser processing, but which laser source is the most suited to revolutionize your manufacturing approach.

Nowadays lasers are found almost everywhere: why not in your business? Based on the requirement of your application, we can identify and study the best solution and help you to integrate it in the existing equipment, with minimum disruption to the existing workflow.

Type (active medium), power, wavelength, and operating mode (continuous or pulsed) are just some of the parameters defining a laser: how can you chose which is right for you? ALITE/IDEA is here to help. And we can test the process before implementing it in your premises. In our labs we have several kinds of lasers, with emission from the blue (450 nm), to the near- (9xx - 1100 nm) and middle (10 um) infrared, each best suited for different applications, such as marking or cutting metals or plastics and organic materials in general.

By the way, have you heard of the blue laser revolution? Blue wavelengths are much more absorbed that the near-infrared wavelengths from most materials and this means lower laser power requirements and higher quality of the process result. Blue light is very effective also for processing highly reflective metals, such as gold, aluminum, and copper. Blue lasers can also be used to mark plastics, textiles, and food. We specialize in blue laser sources based on high-power semiconductor laser modules, which represent a much more compact – thus easier to integrate in your equipment – and energy efficient – thus greener – alternative to other traditional bulky and energy greedy lasers.


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